Adobe XD is here!

I’ve seen Project Comet in action when I’ve visited Adobe Head Quarters last summer and now it is called Adobe XD. It’s all about designing a prototype for your website over a variety of devices.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 09.09.18

It works a bit like the app Proto from the past. But this app works only on Mac (for now) and gives you loads of cool tools and tricks to make your well designed prototype work.

Check it out now!

Responsive Muse

Responsive design is available in Muse CC! It makes it easier than ever to make a nice responsive website. If you’ve used Adobe Edge Reflow before, then you must be familiair with working with breakpoints. That awesome workflow work te same way in Adobe Muse now, yes… without using a single line of code!

Adobe Muse CC now makes it so easy to create sites that look great on any browser or device. Give it a go and get you update now!


Adobe Animate CC is here!

Today Adobe has finally released Animate CC. Animate CC looks a lot like Flash Professional because Adobe has rebranded the tool. The importance of Flash has declined over the last few years which was started when it was banned from the iPad. Later other devices didn’t get any updates anymore from Adobe. And even the support on browsers on the desktop devices narrowed down. But Flash was/is an amazing animation tool, so it was time to rebrand it to represent what it is actually being used for.

The new version of Flash Professional Animate CC is now available to all Creative Cloud subscribers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.11.57

Adobe has implemented a number of new features in the latest release of the tool to make it a real Creative a loud tool with the integration of Creative Cloud libraries, build in Adobe Stock and Typekit! And of course there is an tremendous support for HTML5! You can still export to Flash if you want to, but a lot of the things that Flash can do are possible in HTML5 too!…/how-to/make-an-animation.html…

A new blog

Okay so here’s what happened. I tried to swap wordpress templates and somehow during that proces my whole site was messed up and there where database errors all over the site. So a lot of work to get things online again, or start all over again with a brand new website! So apparently I’ve chosen for the last option.

I’ll be posting about Education a lot and the software involved at our school which is mostly oriented on the Adobe tools. Messages from seminars I’m attending. Tutorials I’m making. And probably a lot more.

There’s a chance I’ll be sharing stuff in Dutch aswel, sorry about that. 😉

Enjoy my brand new fresh website.